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The Non-Habitual Resident tax regime (NHR) is a very attractive programme that grants tax benefits when becoming a Portuguese tax resident. Currently, you can acquire Portuguese residency by spending at least 183 days a year in Portugal (continuously or not) and by having your main home here. The NHR tax regime was designed to encourage entrepreneurs, investors, high net worth individuals and specialised professionals to take up residency in Portugal.

The D7 visa is packed with benefits, making it a truly advantageous scheme. Beyond the obvious right to live, work, and study in Portugal, a D7 Visa allows visa-free travel access to all 26 European states and the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after five years. Moreover, D7 visa holders can access Portugal’s public healthcare system and the NHR tax regime, and dependent children and parents of the main applicant can be included in a single application.

Portugal offers residency-based (universal) national health service, (SNS), which provides the usual general hospital and local health centre services. During the D7 visa application process, applicants will likely need to show proof of private medical insurance, to act as cover until formal residency status is assigned and the applicant is subscribed to the SNS.

Overall, the Passive Income Visa is perfect for those wishing to obtain Portuguese residence at lower government fees, with a speedy approval rate. The D7 Visa is perfect for retirees, investors, and digital nomads looking to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and smoothly relocate to Portugal.


Rules for Golden Visa qualifying investments from 2022

  • People from all around the world (including non-EU/EEA citizens) can qualify for NHR if they have not been resident in Portugal within the previous five calendar years.
  • To qualify as an NHR, one must be physically present in Portugal for more than 183 days in a calendar year; or prove that he/she has a permanent residence in Portugal on December 31st of that particular year.
  • Under NHR, your foreign income, dividends, interest and capital gains will be exempt from Portuguese taxation for ten consecutive years, as long as these are taxable at source within an applicable tax treaty.
  • Exemption on foreign employment income if it is effectively taxed at source.

*Properties considered to be ‘requiring rehabilitation’ must either be constructed over 30 years ago or be located in an urban rehabilitation area.

What about commercial real estate?
  • The geographical rule changes only pertain to residential real estate, so if you would still like to invest in property outside of the limited interior regions, there is still the option to acquire commercial real estate in all of Portugal.
  • Commercial real estate includes office spaces, hotels, and touristic apartments such as pre-existing Airbnb’s or local accommodation.
  • This is good news for those who don’t plan on spending all the time in Portugal, as it is an option to invest in non-residential accomodation in non-interior areas, rent them out most of the year and just use it when you need it for a few weeks a year.
  • What about other investment options?
  • Investment in a private equity or venture capital fund to the value of €500,000 or higher
  • Capital transfer in the value of €1.5 million or higher
  • Capital transfer in the value of €500,000 used for research and development
  • Creation of 10 new permanent job positions or a capital transfer of the minimum amount of €500,000 for the constitution of a commercial society in Portugal, combined with the creation of 5 working jobs (maintained for at least 3 consecutive years), or for the reinforcement of the share capital of an already existing commercial society with the creation or keeping of a minimum of 5 working jobs.
  • GV Application Timeline

    Golden Visa Benefits

    ## Live, Study and Work at Portugal

    ## Freely travel within the Schengen area

    ## Apply for Family Reunification*

    ## Apply for Permanent Residency or Portuguese Citizenship after 5 years

    The Golden Visa in Portugal acts as a visa-waiver for other European countries, free movement through the Schengen Area and free relocation to any of the EU states upon gaining citizenship by investment. And it's one of the most attractive benefits of the Golden Visa in Portugal is that it is extendable to family members, without need to reinvest

    Golden Visa Requirements

  • Marriage and birth certificates relevant to all individuals when applying as a family.
  • Present a Criminal Record Certificate, issued within 3 months of the online application, and legally translated into Portuguese.
  • For children over 18, evidence of enrolment in full-time studies and financial dependency is mandatory.
  • For parents younger than 65 years old, evidence of financial dependency is mandatory.
  • Initial entry into Portugal with a valid Schengen Visa, if necessary and applicable.
  • The investment needs to be maintained for a minimum of 5 years, starting from the date the Golden Residence Permit was issued.
  • Once the permit has been received, the Golden Visa in Portugal is officially valid for a one-year period.
  • Investments need to be made prior to applying for the Golden Visas.
  • Investment funds must come from outside Portugal.
  • No previous issues with the Portuguese or Schengen Immigration Services.
  • The Golden Visa is granted for an initial period of 1 year & renewed for two subsequent 2-year periods, before the application for permanent EU residence or EU citizenship is allowed.
  • Another requirement for a Golden Visa in Portugal – is the stay period within the country’s territory. Officially, holders of Golden Residence Permit are obliged to stay in Portugal only for 7 days a year for the first year, then no less than 14 days each subsequent two-year period. Please note, that except for the first year’s 7 days period, the remaining 28 days that have to be spent within the country to obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal do not have to be consecutive.


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